I am Matthias. I’m a designer of websites and corporate identities based in the western edge of Germany.

I started studying design—mainly logo design, illustration and editorial design—in the nineties. Later I did my first steps into the web with good old Macromedia Flash, long before it was bought (and ruined) by Adobe. Even though I spend a good part of my day coding, I was never much of a code ninja. Coding, just like designing,  is a way to achieve a certain communicative goal—at least to me. Tools change and technologies evolve but what stays as an integral part of design is the social component. Design means building the interface that connects ideas to people. And that is why my focus in blogging is on the challenges with people.

Jobs? Sure!

I’ve got a permanent employment as a senior consultant at the almost-as-famous-as-it-should-be agency manx. And I work as a freelance designer, simultaneously. So if you are looking for support with your next project, be it web related or a push for your brand, write me a letter or  Chat with me.

I am German, so please bear with me.

I write this blog in English and, yes, I feel the urge to excuse for that. But English is the language of the world—or of the web at least. All the blogs I read and all the podcasts I listen to are English or American. All the specialist terminology is english. So it feels obvious to me to address the web design community in this language. For better or worse.

I struggle a lot with political correctness and gender issues in English. So if you happen to recognise any wrongs or bad style, please don’t hesitate to educate me.