The web is a harsh place. What once has been invented as a means to share knowledge and education, is now an open stage for the bullies. It has become a place to let go of one’s human kindness and to openly insult people of different opinions. And I might be a part of this decay.

Sure, I never mean to be rude to anyone, but my posts seem to polarise. They often express a single minded view on the world—my mind, my view. And if I argue that marketers are bad for branding or that SEO isn’t worth it, many people certainly are of a different opinion and some may even feel insulted. And is this the way I want the web to be heading?

But then again, I want my posts to polarise. I want to explore the limits of an opinion. Not to make enemies, but to stand the test against myself. This blog is my journal. And let’s be honest: Who is reading this anyway? I’m not writing this to send a message to the world but to clear my own thoughts. And isn’t it perfectly legit to challenge myself with some more extreme thoughts?

Shouldn’t I be nicer?

If I regret the way the web is evolving, should I not rather go in the opposite direction and simply be nice? Umm, no. I don’t need to be nicer and I don’t need to have a more balanced view. Not on this blog, at least. The Web is a space for discussion, and the variety of authors and opinions is what makes it great, what makes it special and what makes it the most democratic of all media. That is a good thing. And it is much better to write down my thoughts here, in my own space, than to kick of an argument in the comments section of someone else’s magazine.

And I get passionate about things. I get opinionated about the challenges and ideas I spend my days with. I get angry about the things that could go better and I am happy if I learn something new. And the web should be the place to talk about this.