Adobe digging the grave: Rest in peace Figma

Sorry to hear that Adobe got hold of Figma. That’s gonna be the ruin of it. It’s just the way Adobe does business. But there must be a better way.

Please don’t suck at copy writing

Copywriting for websites is difficult and boring for your users. Why don’t try these simple rules of honesty.

Feel the pain—form horror made tangible

There is this form I found, that does it all wrong, intentionally. It sends us back to the feeling you have as a user who is confronted with a shit interface.

Your Website is a Garden, not a Factory

The comparison is very fashionable at present—and true all the same: You can’t just put a website into the world and leave it alone. Care for it!

Where is the joy, you UX junkies?

So you are a fan of informed design decisions, collect your data, do your testing. But where is the fun? And what does your heart of a designer tell you?

Thoughts on AMP: Brilliant market­ing to make enemies

Accelerated Mobile Pages is there with a blast. Compared to other frameworks it just overran the internet. And that’s what is giving it a hard time.

To hell with SEO! What about UXO?

You put thousands into google adwords and mindless keyword analytics? Stop that waste of money and start thinking about your users.

My post of shame: What am I doing here?

The web has become a harsh place. So, should I continue writing posts that aim to polarize? Shouldn’t I rather be nice?

Design is the new Flash—take your expertise and run

Visual design is getting cheaper and omnipresent. We are heading for a world full of design and no designers.

Don’t let marketers decide on the brand

The other day I couldn’t help but get mad about the people making branding decisions. How can it be that they don’t give a damn about their brand?